“Horizontally Piled Clouds”: An Interview with Paul Herron of Sky Blue Press
Read full interview in The Ex-Puritan.

“Anaïs’ writing is the current between land masses; a tendon connecting bone to muscle. That she bridges a gap for the biological sexes is one true interpretation. Another rides on the conviction that within each of us is a man, a woman, and a child in infinite oscillation. According to Nin, ‘the child is usually an orphan. So we have a tremendous task to do: we have to take care of this orphan in ourselves and in others; we have to act out our creativity in every moment of our life.’

“Another more sublime truth sees an internal infinitude of selves to elude definitions like man, woman, and child, and these inexplicable elements through Anaïs’ writing are given space to remain as mystery. The blossoms above ground bloom, wilt, then bloom again; the rhizome remains underground, rooted.

“Anaïs’ work is in the recognition and disintegration of external divisions; her writing portrays people so deeply that she moves beyond judgement into a more nuanced realm that requires conscious feeling and thinking. The dynamism of the human psyche, for Anaïs, is the admission of multiple forms at once, stacked high: to live symphonically.”