On Nadya Tolokonnikova’s “Read & Riot: A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism”
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“Tolokonnikova’s writing on her time in the Russian prison system ushers in felt atrocities to the human spirit, and serves as a moment for us to discover the power of the powerless — a pure wisdom stemming from those who have burned at the stake, as well as a text written by Václav Havel, a fellow dissident, artist and Soviet-era inmate. Words invite us to think about other possibilities, other realities, an alternative to ours — they have the potential to stretch our imagination in ways that are not always visible to the human eye. Reading, in Tolokonnikova’s work, is a precursor to action: ‘In the beginning was the word, but deeds followed closely.'”

On Body/Head’s “The Switch”
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“The Switch, in its entirety, is full of beautiful resonances. Minimal drones create slow, earthy movements — with more movement than Earth, a confrontation with the senses. ‘You Don’t Need’ finds your extremities, climbs up your limbs and wanders through the spinal vertebrae, bringing ecstasy that peaks around 3:38 — this is the moment your eyes roll back into your head.
“I watched a dog excited to see a slowing female skateboarder, who paused to pet — I read a eulogy to ‘You Don’t Need’ — and all visions fit. ‘You Don’t Need’ is so close to life.”

On Petra Glynt’s “This Trip”
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“This Trip meets at a satisfying intersection of sound and politics. The cover’s pick-up trucks dumping Greek columns of the Ionic Order and colonial statues reiterate the message of a movement from tradition; Petra Glynt is among the best of the Canadian vanguard.”

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